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Board of Directors for 2021

Owen Barnhart - President  
 Vice President -
Mary Chace
Secretary - Jo Cwiklinski  
  Treasurer - Mary Chace temp.
Chairman -Shirley Collins
Director - Vicky Wagner
Director - Robert Raniolo


The speed limit in the park is 20MPH.
  We have more walkers, bikers and dogs exercising on our roadways.

Alternative is putting in speed bumps
Zoom Conference Software

ID Info has been sent to those who has registered for it

If you havent done so, send your concent, house number, your name plus what devise you will be using to :




                                                                 During this Covid Pandemic
the Clubhouse gatherings and activities will be limited as long as the Positivity Rate is 10% or more.

As of Sept 1, 2021 positivity rate for our area is 26% highest it's ever been.

The Board of Directors has the responsibility and the power to protect the Safety Health and Welfare of all the residents of our community.

Please help us, yourself and the whole community by wearing your masks , washing your hands, getting Vaccinated , limiting activities and gatherings. We need to do our part in the prevention of any further spreading of this virus..

Pool Use

During this Pandemic our ruling is if you don't live here.
Or you
have been physically away you can not use the pool or pool area until after being self quarantined 10 days.

This includes people visiting or family still needs to be quarantined.

Tough decisions we are just protecting our Residents as best we can.

Thank you !

Members Pool Notice  :
No swimming for 2 hours after Pool is treated by Clean and Clear Pool Service. Please watch for date and time of treatment notice on Clubhouse screen door at pool .
Pool shock treatment could cause burning of eyes and skin irritation.



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